At Lexington, for us, healthy eating is about using the best quality, locally sourced, seasonal food that is used to create delicious and balanced menus for our customers every day.

We pack punchy flavours into our food through herbs, spices and clever cooking techniques rather than going heavy on the salt or fat.


Blend is the home of healthy eating at Lexington; pulling together our healthy grab and go range Flex, award winning vegetarian food through Grains&Greens, Free From bakery and blitzed to order Vitalicious fruit and vegetable juices.


Created to reflect the growth in flexitarian and vegetarian diets this range uses filling, tasty and varied ingredients to produce vegetarian dishes that deliver on flavour, nutrition and taste every time.

Vitalicious Juices

Our award winning Vitalicious Juices are blitzed to order and they contain two and a half of your ‘five a day’. They are perfect for busy, health conscious customers.


As well as tasting great, our award winning, Flex grab and go range balances healthy fats, proteins and slow releasing carbohydrates, to give you sustained energy levels throughout the day.